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Saving fuel or maximum power

Which type of tuning are you?

Kraftstoff sparen


High expenses for fuel are disadvantageous for all drivers, especially those commuting or having to drive a lot. Using the Barchfeld Optimisation of Diesel Consumption® you can reduce the expense by saving fuel. The electronic motor optimisation releases power resources by using your car much more efficiently.

Optimisation of consumption



The Barchfeld Chip Tuning forces the maximum power of your motor without risking overloading the engine and without increasing fuel consumption. A higher torque at a lower engine speed, more power capacity - ? even with this more efficient use of fuel you can expect to achieve a sporty driving experience with your power tuned car providing new perceptible power. Lower consumption even further by driving accordingly in traffic conditions.

Classic Tuning



Maximum power for motor sports! Barchfeld-Sports-Tuning offers a gradual optimisation of the engine control unit to the absolutely individual power maximum of your car by using modern measuring techniques on the test bench.

Sports Tuning

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