What is Barchfeld optimisation of consumtion?

There are wide ranging tolerances of vehicle engine due to vehicle engines being globally designed and they have to endure fuel usage from across different climatic conditions, for example from the coldness of Siberia to the heat of South Africa. The application of BODC will not only slightly increase the power of your vehicle but it will adapt to our climatic conditions and it will thus use up to 12% less fuel.


Our tried and tested Diesel optimisation system offers you a reliable and economic possibility of lowering your fuel expenses protecting the engine of your vehicle at the same time.

The BODC system helps you save money! The fuel consumption of your vehicle can be considerably reduced up to 12% by increasing the performance and achieving an optimum yield of power at lower engine speed

With this savings capacity the Barchfeld Optimisation of Diesel Consumption is interesting for private high mileage drivers and fleet vehicles as well as fleet management.



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