Classic Tuning

If your request is a car with more power serving as safety reserve or for sporty driving then opt for the Barchfeld Classic Tuning.Adopting the software in the engine control unit, the engine performance is optimised. Today?s vehicles are globally designed ? our chip tuning adopts the control parameters to local conditions and thus allows a performance increase of up to 30% as for turbocharged engines and can be increased up to 10% in case of naturally aspirated engines.


Our experience and our conscientious fitting adhere to the limits of the engine of your vehicle, guaranteeing no additional wear.  In fact the engine wear is reduced when using the additional power reserves appropriately and our trends confirm decreased consumption. 


Test Barchfeld Classic Tuning with your own vehicle!


Our Customers Opinions

This serial-production Opel Astra has got a 1.9 l turbocharged diesel engine with 150 PS. The model ?Sport? avoids the turbo lag completely when starting and thus enables a quicker and cleaner acceleration over the whole engine performance.

In this case the use of Barchfeld tuning did not aim at the reduction of fuel consumption but in the increase of the pleasure of driving.

Torque, performance and response have been considerably improved. The top speed remained the same although the six speed transmission offers enough scope at the upper engine speed area.  The consumption of the vehicle did not change at an average of 7.1l/100 km when driving at 30.000 km with and without the Barchfeld tuning, however the improvement in the driving performance is stunning.

That?s what it?s got to be ? A more exciting, pleasurable drive, whilst lowering or maintaining fuel consumption.  A win, win situation!!

Sebastian Maximilian Leffer, Motor4 Geschäftsführer.

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